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Our company provides a full service to collectors of Classic Cars in Brazil.
We guarantee the high quality and ethics of our services.
We specialise in Kombis, sourcing many of our vehicles 
Here at Import-Kombi-Export in Sao Paulo - Litoral   Port of Santos, we take pride in giving customers a great experience  moor  from 10 jars.
We are a growing company, fully intend to expand our business.
We also work with clients in the food and cosmetics industry, raw material. 
We are always delighted to meet new customers, why not pop-in for an informal chat at our office
in Port  Santos 

We are in the newest and modern office building in Santos
English, Doutch, Russian, Portuguese, Polish spoken


We have the best conditions when meeting with clients.



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Contact Information:

watssap : +5513997288897
skype:      euro-bras.biz    -- green icon the matrix

Postal Inport  address:
Brazil Port Santos
Praça Lions Club 420 
Santos SP
CEP 11010- 320
Bairro Valongo 
Hotel ibis 7 andar , escritorio 719
Sales: sale@importkombiexport.com



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